The small business guerrilla believes that selling tactics that have not evolved over the past twenty years may soon become obsolete. He needs to adapt to a rapidly changing digital market. Among a vast array of selling tips and strategies to increase productivity for the small business, the guerrilla entrepreneur always employs these top 3 guerrilla selling tactics:

First and foremost, the small business guerrilla is obsessed with benefits. He knows by heart what benefits his small business can provide for his customers. The small business guerrilla is a master of the Needs-Benefits Sales Equation, able to intelligently offer a verifiable benefit for every need he uncovers listening to his prospect. The small business guerrilla, in effect, operates his small business around providing his customers those benefits.

The small business guerrilla knows that no one will talk to, or buy from, a stranger. Trust is the basic foundation of a meaningful business relationship. The small business guerrilla will maximize every single minute of his first meeting with a prospect to establish trust. He makes absolutely certain that come next meeting, the prospect would have full confidence and trust in him and be able to talk with him at ease.

Quality Service
Give your customers top quality products and service and your satisfied customers will go viral and spread the good news. Give them trash, and they will spread that news even faster. The small business guerrilla provides his customers with quality service, knowing that positive word-of-mouth promotion and the referrals that quality service brings in are key to the survival and success of his small business. Using fliers, discount coupons, affiliate programs, and loyalty incentives, the small business guerrilla encourages satisfied customers to tell others about their happy experience with his small business and even rewards them for their referrals.

Aside from these top 3 guerrilla selling tactics, the small business guerrilla is also an expert in the art of listening. He asks brief probing questions and allows the prospect to do much of the talking. His gestures and subtle movements show his concern and interest to what the prospect is saying. He listens for needs the prospect expresses and he thinks of benefits his small business can offer based on those expressed needs.

The small business guerrilla will intentionally “forget” his business card when he meets a prospect for the first time. This gives the guerrilla an opportunity to go meet with the client again in two days to “give him his business card”.

The guerrilla business card itself actually contains very little information. The small business guerrilla will never stuff all his services in a tiny 2x3.5 inch card that his prospect may never even bother to read. Instead, written across the center of the business card, in big, bold, red letters is the website address to his small business.

Increasing productivity is a team-effort. In his small business, every employee- from the tool keeper to the accountant- is trained to be effective lead generators and sales people.

The small business guerrilla swaps clients’ lists with his trusted suppliers, multiplying his referrals ten-fold. This is a mutually beneficial tactic since the guerrilla and his suppliers will both benefit from this.

Obviously, there’s a lot more that can be added onto this list of unconventional selling tips... we'll just have to add more to this list as more ideas come in. Feel free to share your own small business guerrilla selling tips...

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