I'd like to share with you a very informative article I came across from MASHABLE: The Social Media Guide written by Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of crowdSPRING. In the article, Ross offers 10 suggestions how your small business can "supercharge" your marketing efforts by utilizing social media.

Just to summarize, Ross lists down 10 great ways you can take advantage of the more popular social media networks that are available to you on the internet. Ross offers basic as well as advanced strategies for each of the 10 social media he discussed. These 10 social media marketing tips are:
Facebook: with over 300 million users, Facebook offers a very powerful platform on which to build your presence.
Twitter: growing tremendously over the past year, Twitter offers your small business an incredible marketing platform. CLICK to see how Twitter can help your business.
Your Company Blog: although there’s more attention focused today on social networks than on company blogs, blogs continue to offer great value for small businesses.
LinkedIn: a business-oriented social network for professionals with 50 million users from over 200 countries.
Participate on other Blogs: it might seem counter-intuitive for you to spend your valuable time by participating in discussions on other people’s blogs, but the payoff can be very valuable.
Mobile Social Networks: as discussed in my earlier post, in two years, as much as 40 percent of internet transactions will be done using a mobile device.
Comments and Conversations about Your Company: whether or not you are a party to the conversations, people will talk about your company. How do you monitor and, when appropriate, join those discussions?
Multimedia Platforms such as YouTube and Flicker: although a bit more complicated to execute, videos, photos, and podcasts provide excellent social media marketing opportunities.
Maintain Brand Consistency: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of social networks on the internet, and new ones spring up every day. That means that your customers will have many different ways to find you. But they won’t find you if your brand is scattered across social networks using different usernames and profiles.
Combine Social Media Tools: one of the best ways for small businesses to leverage social media marketing is to use various social networks in combination with each other.
Social media marketing can be a phenomenal marketing channel for your small business.To read more of Ross' very informative small business marketing tips, CLICK HERE

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  1. Thanks! I have been thinking of other places where I can do my social media marketing aside from Twitter and Facebook. These will really help.