Whether you are starting a new business or you have a new product to market, brand positioning - the art of building brand awareness and grabbing your market's attention - is key to your small business success. Unless the market knows your brand exists, you cannot expect the market to buy  your  brand.

With so many products out on the market competing for attention, you need an effective brand positioning strategy to be able to stand out in the crowd and be noticed. Here are some brand positioning guerrilla tips:
  • Find your own niche market. If you're a relatively new player in an industry that's already filled up with well-entrenched competitors, you will find it extremely difficult and very costly to compete head-on against the "old" players. Differentiate your brand from the competition. Emphasize your brand's niche attributes and build your brand marketing around these unique attributes.
  • Run a marketing campaign focused on the niche market you positioned your brand in. Emphasize on unique benefits your niche market can derive from your brand. Depending on your marketing budget, your marketing campaign can be as inexpensive as a half-page flyer or as costly as a 30-second TV ad on primetime.
  • Build a website optimized for keywords in your niche market. Better yet, build several websites to test which niche attributes work best with your brand positioning. Add a blog to your website to encourage visitors to subscribe, leave comments and provide feedback. Make it a point to reply to each comment.
  • Utilize social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter and Friendster for positioning your brand in your "friends" minds.  But do be careful not to spam them or your brand will  forever be labelled a spammer. Post something useful and interesting everytime and your "friends" will ask for more.
  • Got promos or upcoming sales? Use your blog to tell your niche "community" about it. Encourage them to "spread the good news" by providing loyalty awards or incentives. Consider online purchase . Set up a "special discount" link where members can conveniently buy your brand online. Everybody loves a quickie so deliver promptly.
  • Post Google Adwords or other Cost Per Click ads on non-competition websites or blogs relevant to your niche market. For linking purposes, leave comments on these sites as well.
  • While lower prices alone will not convince consumers to switch brand loyalty, reasonable pricing coupled with other positive attributes (friendly staff, honesty, fast service, competence, fresh ingredients, clean restrooms) that appeal to your niche market can leave a positive first impression on consumers.
  • Would you consider delivering a basement waterproofing proposal dressed in scuba gear? Or showing your prospect around a property development aboard a hot air balloon? Sometimes, just doing things out of the ordinary makes people remember your brand.
Avoid going against the "big boys". Don't do things the way everybody else does. Dare to be different and create that  all important brand awareness. Positioning, or repositioning, your brand will go a long way towards your small business success.

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