Being a life insurance broker can be a very profitable  small  home business if you love meeting and communicating with people on a very personal level. And it does get very personal since you will be discussing with your prospects the thorny issue of death. Not too many people are open about discussing this topic, especially if your prospects do not know you personally. But if you have the skill to effectively communicate with people, if you have a wide and endless social network of prospects who may want to get life insurance, and if you possess a high degree of  PERSEVERANCE  to endure tons of objections, then selling life insurance would be perfect for you.

Start-up cost for a life insurance business is minimal. You will, however, be required to undergo a rigorous training program to get your license. Returns can be quite rewarding, especially on first-year life insurance premiums. And there are residual income from "old" life insurance policies you are still servicing. If you can seriously commit your time and effort in servicing your clients, presenting life insurance quotation, and continuously looking out for new prospects, then being a life insurance broker is one small home business that promises potentially high returns on your investment.  

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  1. I think it's an excelnet choice to become an insurance agents from home, this way you can arrange your time according to you own needs an priorities.